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wavefront September 21, 2001 11:56

Help: Flow-Response Dynamic Coupled problem

I have to perform a flow simulation, after I finished the flow simulation and get the pressure distribution in the analysis space, I'd like to put the pressure on a part which is in the analysis space, to see how dose the part vibrate under that pressure.

Anybody could recommend a software to finish this task? Currently, I'm using FLUENT because there's some turbulence in the analysis space, but FLUENT can't do vibration analysis. It's a kind of Flow-Response Dynamic Coupled problem.

Thanks a lot


Alton J. Reich September 21, 2001 16:20

Re: Help: Flow-Response Dynamic Coupled problem
This problem is easy to set up an solve with our CFD-ACE+ package. I've handled actuated systems where the movement of a structure causes movement of the fluid (such as in an ink jet printer head), and responding systems where the structure moves in response to pressure changes in the fluid (such as a relief valve opening).

You can see some examples on our web site <>.

Regards, Alton

wavefront September 21, 2001 17:39

Re: Help: Flow-Response Dynamic Coupled problem
Thanks Alton, how much is the software? could I have a trial version first? How about teh solving accuracy? I couldn't find any benchmark examples on your webpage.



Amita September 26, 2001 10:28

Re: Help: Flow-Response Dynamic Coupled problem

Fluidyn-FSI is a fluidyn software especially designed to handle the kind of problems you are mentionning. It combines the finite element method for structures with the finite volume approach for fluids in the same solver. This allows for vibration analysis with a rather coarse mesh. Several papers have been presented on the subject. Check out the website at Regards,


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