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Aristide Mbiock December 16, 1998 07:41

Interaction of Radiation with Turbulence
It is known that heat transfer due to thermal radiation is essentially instantaneous, depending on the temporal distribution of temperature as well as the temporal distribution of species concentration. For turbulent flows, however, the temperature and, for mixtures, the concentration fields undergo rapid and very irregular local variations but slow compare with the response time of thermal radiation. While unimportant in many applications, this interaction of Radiation with Turbulence increases in large turbulent flames as those encounter in industrial or semi-industrial scales (Oxy-flame combustion).

Can anybody provide me with further fundamental information for the understanding and treatment of Radiation-Turbulence interaction?

Anthony Iannetti December 16, 1998 17:04

Re: Interaction of Radiation with Turbulence

My Radiation Heat transfer book has a small section entitled, Interaction of Radiation with Turbulence.

Here is ther reference: Modest, Michael F.,(1993), Radiative Heat Transfer, McGraw Hill, New York. p 743-744.


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