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John C. Chien September 28, 2001 15:46

(1). I have been studying 3-D games programming for a while. And I recently visited a game wbsite on Internet, it has a "donation" box on the right upper corner. (2). On Sept.26, the webmaster talked about the one dollar donation box, and I was quite moved. He worked very hard for long time to get the website and tutorial samples free for download. He also has a CD for sale ($20.US only). (3). So, I am going to propose a new approach here, that is each time you read a message, you deposit ten cents under his name. Whether you do it right away or not is not important. You could keep your own account and mail the check just before you die. or you could do that earlier so that the money has the chance to do more work. (4). I think I have learned a lot from that game website through his discussion of the donation box. "job", "wealth" , "reputation" are just a matter of "timing". A company dies because it did not invest in the future. It tried too hard to make money and forgot to prepare for tomorrow. (5). So, this donation concept is good for every reader, it will remind him that the world has to follow the conservation law of nature. If you have a good understanding of it, you can survive for a longer time and be able to handle your CFD problem easily. (6). I don't have any specific way to handle this "donation" concept, but I think, we definitely don't want to spoil the reader and the world that "free forum is actually free". Forum should be more useful than a collection of books, it should have the responsibility to transmit the live concept and ideas. The survival of the forum or the world depends on it, not the personal wealth or knowledge.

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