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Zi-Wei Chiou October 4, 2001 05:54

How to obtain AWRE tech report (Youngs)?
I'm looking for a frequently-cited article:

D.L. Youngs, An Interface Tracking Method for a 3D Eulerian Hydrodynamics Code, Technical Report 44/92/35, AWRE, 1984.

1) I could not find this technical report in all universities' libraries in Taiwan. 2) could not find AWRE(Atomic Weapons Research Establishment) website, either 3) Search engine does not help. 4) I *did* found an entry in the LANL report library, but no eletronic version is available to be download.

Thanks for help.

Captain Kangaroo October 4, 2001 09:18

Re: Obtaining **AWE** tech report
AWRE(Atomic Weapons Research Establishment) changed their name a while ago and is now known as AWE.

The homepage is here.

I don't think your going to find this article easily. I would contact AWE about obtaining a copy...

Dean October 4, 2001 11:09

Re: How to obtain AWRE tech report (Youngs)?
Often one can get these reports directly from the author. I believe David Youngs is still at AWE, so you might try contacting him. Sorry, I don't have his address. A lot of his stuff is published in Physica D, so you might try looking there for an address if all else fails.

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