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Jonas Larsson October 4, 2001 14:01

CFD News and Announcement Forum
I have been asked by several people to open a separate forum for "News and Announcement". Today this kind of posts tend to dissapear in the noise on these other forums. An experimental announcement forum is now available here:

<A HREF=""></A>

This forum is different from the other discussion forums in the following ways:
  • <LI>The layout by default only displays top-level messages.

    <LI>All messages are moderated - only posts of interest to a large CFD audience are accepted.

    <LI>It is possible to subscribe to a weekly email digest of the forum top-level messages - just submit your email address on the subscription form.

Let me also emphasize that everyone is welcome to post news - please don't hesitate to post a message if you see or hear something that could be of interest to other CFD colleagues. Messages that are judged "not interesting" will be rejected without notice - this is to keep the signal to noise ratio high on this forum. Things that I personally would like to see is announcements of CFD related events (conferences, seminars ...), notices of important research progress, new interesting publications, press-releases from CFD companies etc.

I hope that you will like the new service. The service is experimental and if it isn't used I will take it off-line again (I don't believe in keeping "dead" services online).

Asok October 6, 2001 06:18

Re: CFD News and Announcement Forum
Now I have to open two sites for cfd,let us see how this works out.Thanks Jonas,regards,asok

Jonas Larsson October 6, 2001 06:33

Re: CFD News and Announcement Forum
The traffic on the "News and Announcement" forum will be much lower. If you don't want to check it online you can subscribe to a weekly email news digest - just register your email address on the subscription form. The addresses will be kept confidential, so you don't need to worry about spam email.

Asok October 6, 2001 07:36

Re: CFD News and Announcement Forum
Since you have integrated the new forum in the opening page here itself one need not open two websites.Thanks for your prompt action Mr.Jonas.Traffic in the new forum seems to be less now.Yet I may be able to see both of them here itself online.regards,asoksp

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