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Yaping Zhu December 17, 1998 13:45

CFD books
I have been using Finite Volume Method for about six years. Recently I am required to use Finite Element Method to conduct CFD analysis. However I am not familiar with FEM in CFD ( I took courses on FEM in solid mechanics). I need to read some books to start. Who can give me some advice? I appreciate your help.


Essemiani December 18, 1998 09:05

Re: CFD books

have a look at " The Finite Element Method in Engineering Science"

By Zienkiewicz

Mc Graw-Hill

Good luck


ThoLi December 18, 1998 10:57

Re: CFD books

my personal favorite is

@BOOK{CuvelierSegalSteenhoven86, AUTHOR = {Cornelius Cuvelier and A. Segal and Anton A. van Steenhoven}, TITLE = {Finite Element Methods and Navier-Stokes-Equations}, PUBLISHER = {D. Reidel Publishing Company Dordrecht Holland}, YEAR = {1986} }


jay December 18, 1998 16:41

Re: CFD books
Also check out the FE books by T.J. Chung. Don't have titles for you, sorry.

prasad Patnaik December 18, 1998 22:12

Re: CFD books
The book entitled "Finite element analysis in heat transfer" by the Swansea group (Prof.R.W.Lewis, Prof.Morgan, Prof.K.N.Seetharamu and Prof.H.R.Thomas) can also be referred. This is a Wiley Eastern Publication, 1996.

Tom Marinaccio December 28, 1998 12:34

Re: CFD books
You might try:

Finite Element Computational Fluid Mechanics, BAKER, A. J., 1983, Hemisphere Publishing/McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-003465-6

It is part of an excellent book series which includes:

Numerical Heat Transfer, SHIH, Tien-Mo, 1984, Hemishphere Publishing/Springer-Verlag, ISBN 0-89116-257-7 (Hemishphere), or ISBN 3-549-13051-9 (Springer-Verlag)

and the ever popular

Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, PATANKAR, Suhas V., 1980, Hemisphere Publishing/Taylor&Frances, ISBN 0-89116-522-3,

Good Luck,


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