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Suteh October 9, 2001 14:17

Could you comare StarCD with CFX 5?Help, please...
Dear collegues, Could you give view on StarCD and CFX 5? What's "better" and "more strongly"? Our university want to buy licence of one of those but we want to do the best choice. Our specialists and I too didn't use those CFD codes. We deal with heat exchanger tasks (especially complicated external streamline, free surface and porous solids with thermal flux). I'm impatiencing yours answers. Thanks.

Peter October 12, 2001 07:12

Re: Could you comare StarCD with CFX 5?Help, pleas
STAR-CD has a very flexible geometrical capability and deals with multi-streams with easy. But since you are only comparing two codes, the best way is to set out a few example cases and pass them to the vendors - then you can compare with the following aspects: easy-of-use (case setup), speed of convergence with each code's default setup (that is without tuning), the accuracy of the results, and also importantly the support you can get (both from support and its development engineer).

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