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Roued October 11, 2001 08:06

gas flow thougth water

How do I model using CFD the flow of gas thought a water tank and away from the surface ?

Would a multi-phase approch or Lagrangian particle tracking with models for Particle evaporation/ablation with latent heat exchange.

The gas comes under high pressure, the pipes breaks and gas is leaking out into the water and is colded of due to sudden pressure drop, but continue to flow though the water until the free surface and further away from there.

Thanks for any hints !



Jon October 11, 2001 09:50

Re: gas flow thougth water

This will depend on the volume fraction of the gas in the water. If its large, then you will have to use Eulerian. Anything above 5-10% will need Eulerian.

Otherwise use Lagrangian

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