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Christelle July 10, 1998 09:15

Hi, I am working with compressible Navier-Stokes equations and I want to compute forced compressible turbulence for Mach number <1..

I would like to have some suggestions or references about the choice of the forcing term. thanks in advance, christelle

Jonas Larsson July 10, 1998 10:18

Re: turbulence
I'm not sure of what you mean with "forced". Could you please clarify that?

Generally speaking you don't have a lot of compressibility effects on the turbulence for Mach numbers below 1. For flows below the hypersonic range (M ~< 3) you can usually neglect things like pressure dilatation, pressure work and pressure diffusion and just use "incompressible" turbulence models, provided you formulate them in a correct conservative formulation.

I'm working with turbulence modeling for supersonic flows (heat transfer in supersonic turbines, max Mach ~ 2), so I share your interest in compressible turbulence modeling.

christelle July 10, 1998 11:14

Re: turbulence
I will clarify the point "forced compressible turbulence"

I want to compute a isotropic turbulence but not decaying in time . So I must add a forcing term in compressible Navier-Stokes equations to make the flow stationary.

I don't want to get by adding this term non physical compressible effects . The flow must stay incompressible (M<1) and I would like to know wich forcing term I could use to have these properties. thanks for responses. christelle

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