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Ken October 18, 2001 05:40

Has John Chien ever made a constructive comment?

chidu October 18, 2001 06:22

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
Yes, Check out his response to the thread on 'Marketing CFD services'. Especially the second response. I must also admit to being a little pleasantly surprised! :)


Erich October 18, 2001 08:59

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
Yes, is this a constructive comment?

Ken October 18, 2001 09:26

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
Yes. Is that a constructive comment?

Erich October 18, 2001 10:09

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
Nope, IMHO this should be dropped in favor of CFD topics...

Helge October 18, 2001 11:26

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
Yes, very often

John C. Chien October 18, 2001 11:44

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
(1). Well, if you remove all the posted garbages from this site, people will still dig around world wide to find the posted message, like digging out treasures from ancient Emperor's tomb. (2). Human tends to eat a lot of garbages and so, the "garbage in and garbage out" was used to describe such events. (3). I would strongly suggest that his posted messages be removed from this site first, and observe the new phenomenon. (4). Then people will start selling his posted message just like LINUX. (5). CFD has nothing to do with computer codes, it is all human activities. The first step is to study the human behavior, and this is the right place to start. We can called it "CFD Human Behavior". Can you make the CFD code to type the words on the screen or send e-mail? (6). I guess, human try to invent computer programs, so that it can behave like human. In the process, he is so confused that he does not know whether he is his computer code or his own original.

John C. Chien October 18, 2001 11:54

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
(1). I heard that he said he was given the title of the "superman" some twenty years ago. (2). John C. Chien is already the trade mark of a superman. He is not a computer slave running CFD codes. He is the one who has great influence world wide. Still not convinced? (3). If I were you, I would start collecting his posted messages on CFD. If you study his message ten times, you will be a healthy person. If you study his message one hundred times, you will begin to learn something. Reading his message just once, it is garbage.

Ken October 18, 2001 12:14

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
I think you have become a wee bit doo-lally.

John C. Chien October 18, 2001 12:26

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
(1). Sorry, that's the returned solution from the program working in your brain. He didn't say that the influence has to be good. Just read the returned message, it should prove the theory. (2). Well, one down, 99 to go. Keep on reading the same message, please. He is 100% sure that the returned message will change.

John C. Chien October 18, 2001 14:31

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
(1). I guess he is trying not to touch the real CFD by accident, because that would have an even bigger impact on the CFD world. (2). You will have to read his posted garbages many times to smell the real stuff, if it is there at all.

Tingguang October 18, 2001 15:16

some correction to John's idea
John, a small correction to your historical knowledge. Those terra-cotta warriers were just the decoration of the tomb for Qin Shi Huang, the great Emperor who united China and create a unique Chinese nation by unifying language and metric system. His tomb is still untouched nearby. These worriers was first found by local people, they used them to contain their urine, since they knew nothing about the tomb. It is our central government found the problem and help to preserve this heritage by set up the museum. Then we knew we have no technology to preserve the original color, so we stopped dig then. Now we can say nothing is leaked to outside world due to proper action. Unlike the documents from Dun Huang, what we have is a tiny fration of the original assets, which is discovered by one monk 101 years ago. Once a site is found, do you think you can bery it again. Humans are always greedy and sinful.

You cannot blame everybody, once you knew something. Hope you can visit China some time in the future, then you will have less non-sense ideas.

I basically agree with your idea on preservation. What you lack is some background knowledge. Do you think the CFD code for subsonic flow can be applied to supersonic flow?


Tingguang October 18, 2001 19:18

One more thing!
One more thing. The native religion in China is Taoism, which has a strong influence over common life of Chinese people. Taoist thinks the heaven is our father, the earth is our mother. The oil is our mother's blood, and the coal is our mother's bone. So the crude oil was discovered somewhat 600 years ago, but nobody use it in large scale (maybe for lamps). The Taoist idea dominate China over 2500 years, until the western ideas rush into China over the last century, especially last 20 years, under the name of open-door policy. Most people cares nothing but money, like the Gold Rush 150 years ago. In fact, most social ideas stay in the late stage of 19th centery, where you can find many ugly things in American society from O Henry's fictions. Several people cut some stone statue, which is not very old and wirthwhile. They sold them for several hundred dollars, which lead to their death penalty. This happened again and again. Whom we should blame?

Currently there is some revival of Taoist idea, especially the Feng Shui theory which trys to unify the built environment with surrounding nature. It is a good thing. Hopefully, our education will catch up with this trend.

That is my background information on John Chien 's comment. He has some prejudice over Chinese, especally on Dr. Lee's case, which is meaningless to us. CFD-online is not American's forum, though it is US based (?).

Let's stop here. Personaly I like John's comments on technical issues, especially I just start my Ph.D on CFD research. John's idea is still welcomed, though someone will correct him, sooner or later. That is fun.

Thanks for your precious time! Tingguang

Dan Hinch October 19, 2001 13:08

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
(1).Yes, often. (2).Sure, John has an unusual way of presenting this thoughts, and sometimes goes a bit off-track. (3). Sure, we all wonder how John finds time to post so much. (4). But, John often has interesting insight, makes us think about the topic, and I think contributes significantly to this web site.

S.P.Asok October 20, 2001 01:08

Re: Has John Chien ever made a constructive commen
Rightly said about John C.Chien.Why don't people complaining of his ways just ignore whichever they are not able to stomach.He is not pulling anybody into an argument.No one can ever make a person to communicate in a way which pleases everyone.A strong beleif in this part of the world where I am residing is that it is because of the freedom of thought and expression allowed in the other part part of the world that originality is bred and innovative break throughs are often resulting therof.

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