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Sethu Raghavan October 18, 2001 11:13

Hi All

Can any one suggest me meshing method for 2D Flow domain.Among various methods which is the best one.Kindly let me know this in your earliest.Thanks.


Flipper October 18, 2001 15:27

Depends. Whats your problem?

Sundar October 19, 2001 18:36

General 2d concepts in flow simulation
1> First what is the cfd code you are applying. 2> The type of mesh to be used depends on the problem. 3> In the 2-D case this reduces to either a structured one or unstructured mesh. 4> The geometry and the flow alignment gives an idea about the choice of the grid required. 5> For e.g for a rectangular geometry and laminar flow, where the flow is aligned with geometry a quadrilateral grid is a good choice. 6> Depending on the grid alignement with the flow you have to choose the order of discretization to reduce numerical dispersion. 7> I hope this answers your question.


Sethu Raghavan October 20, 2001 01:08

Re: General 2d concepts in flow simulation

Thanks for the replies.But If I have a obstacle in the flow path (For Example: A pipe in the flow path), how we can make the mesh (or the cfd code for that matter) to make understand the existance of obstacle.I hope this will help me better.Thanks again for the mails.

Regards, Sethu Raghavan.

jing October 24, 2001 07:42

Re: General 2d concepts in flow simulation
basically, structured mesh, multi-block structured mesh and also the unstructured mesh are all possible for your case. Certainly, you need to make sure which kind of mesh is supported by your software.

If you only deal with a solution domain with a simple piple inside, I think structured mesh is ok. And this kind of mesh should be supported by almost all the CFD software.

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