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nick October 24, 2001 22:54

thermal analysis
hi, does anyone know what Del Giudice and Lemmon mean? I think it's about phase change. thanks for your help. nick

User October 25, 2001 13:43

Re: thermal analysis
I did a search and came up with names of people. I also tried a universal translator and Del Giudice seems to be Italian. There was no translation for Lemmon.

Well I probably not much help but... :)

Martin Nilsson October 25, 2001 16:59

Re: thermal analysis
As far as I know, del Giudice and Lemmon came up with different ideas to calculate the specific heat cp (or to calculate cp*rho) from enthalpy and temperature for further use in the discretized Fourier equation in FVM.

Hope this is what you are looking for, Martin

nick October 28, 2001 19:03

Re: thermal analysis
thanks guys for your help In fact, I have seen these words in a book of Lusas. In material properties I have the choice for a parameter: 0 = phase change not required (default) 1 = Del Giudice 2 = Lemmon That's why I think Del Giudice means one phase change (solid-liquid) and Lemmon 2 phase changes (solid-liquid-gas). But I would like to be sure.

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