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Zi-Wei Chiou October 27, 2001 00:35

SOLAVOF Sample Test Problem
I am rewriting the original SOLAVOF Fortran program in C++, but encouter a problem. I try to simulate the same sample test problem in the report (undular bore calculation) in page 44. All parameters are the same (NMAT=1).


At t=0 (page 46), why U[1][7] = 0.2? Since F[1][7] is 0, why U is set for an _empty_ cell at t=0? The SETUP routine initialize U [i][j] only when F[I][J] > 0, so it's unlikely U[1][7] is set by SETUP. I've checked BC subroutine too, but it does not set U[1][7] either.


The input FLHT (horizontal free surface height) is 1.0f, and del_y of mesh is 0.2, the fluid should occupy the bottom five rows: I=2~6.

At t=0 (page 46), before anything started, why F[1][6] is not 1 but 9.99999E-01?


B. D. Nichols, C. W. Hirt, and R. S. Hotchkiss, SOLA-VOF: A Solution Algorithm for Transient Fluid Flow with Multiple Free Boundaries, LANL report LA-8355, 1980.

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