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Hai-Wen Ge November 3, 2001 09:28

How to implement B.C. for outlet boundary?
Dear all,

For turbulent compressible (non-reactive and reactive) flow, how to implement a suitable B.C for outlet boundary?

The state of inlet boundary is known(density, velocity, internal energy, pressure). if i use a characteristic based technique to treat the outlet boundary (with specifying pressure, density, velocity of farfield), the result is error. It seemed the outlet B.C. effect the whole field when the flow has fully developed.

Could you kindly give me some suggestion as well as reference about it?

sincerely yours Hai-Wen Ge

chidu November 3, 2001 09:50

Re: How to implement B.C. for outlet boundary?
One paper I know of the top of my head is by T. Poinsot and S. K. Lele in Journal of Computational Physics sometime in the early nineties.

Okay, I got it here: Boundary conditions for direct simulation of compressible viscous flows, Poinsot and Lele, J. Comput. Phys. 101, 1992.

chidu... PS: there was a thread on this I think last year. So you can also check the cfd-online archives!!

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