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Zi-Wei Chiou November 4, 2001 00:34

Restrict Access to LANL Reports due to 911?
I tried to download technical reports from LANL in a few days ago but failed, and I wrote to LANL to ask why and get this response:

"The permissions to access Los Alamos pdfs from the Research Library catalog are being changed due to a request from NNSA.

Also, the Report Library will be unable to release any Los Alamos reports to the general public until further clarification is received from NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration)."

cfdkid November 6, 2001 15:27

Re: Restrict Access to LANL Reports due to 911?
Free exchange of technical information does not exist in the war. When American provided free environment, people around the world did not respect that. So, like anything else, if one needs information, he needs to pay for it. You would hope that there is a free technical only exchange outside the political environment. Unfortunately, it can't happen. Free exchange and spying are two sides of the same coin.

kalyan November 6, 2001 16:21

Re: Restrict Access to LANL Reports due to 911?
According to news reports this morning, the reason given for cutting off access to outsiders is cybersecurity in the presence of very high traffic. The impression I got from the article was that people were curious about what and how much information (about the nuclear programs presumably) was free accessible on the web and this was the cause of high traffic.

The spokesperson also acknowledged that any information that was once available freely could be still out there with some one who downloaded it previously. I do not think (atleast I hope) sensitive information was ever freely available on the web and so this statement is not as serious as it might sound.

As for the inconvenience those of us doing unclassified work face, I think most of us can live with it given the circumstances.

chidu November 7, 2001 12:18

Re: Restrict Access to LANL Reports due to 911?
Thanks to America, for providing free technical information. I wonder what would have happened to technological developments in the world without its generosity.

As for me, I can live without LANL reports.

regards, chidu...

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