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Selvan November 7, 2001 00:12

Which is the latest version of Fluent.?

me November 7, 2001 03:26

you must know that
You sounds like person from the Fluent vendor.

Selvan November 7, 2001 03:41

Re: you must know that
No sir! I wanted to buy.

Herve November 7, 2001 04:12

Re: you must know that
Then, you ought to consider the FLUENT forum maybe where their vendor will take you along?!?

hampton November 7, 2001 05:19

Re: FLUENT 6.0
FLUENT5.5.14 is the latest version. FLUENT6.0 is the next.

cfdkid November 7, 2001 16:19

Re: FLUENT 6.0
So, it is better to wait for the 6.0?

Anindya November 7, 2001 20:29

Please discuss about Fluent in the FLUENT FORUM. This not a FLUENT FORUM. Thanks

cfdkid November 8, 2001 03:17


The question was aparently answered by "hampton", so there is no sense to ask the person to re-post the same question in the FLUENT FORUM. It is good information for persons who don't normally visit the FLUENT FORUM.
Actually, I think THE FLUENT FORUM should be handled in the FLUENT Website. It should be part of their service to their users and potential users. In other websites, the sponsors normally present only the banners, nothing else. This can eliminate the war-like confrontation here?

Jonas Larsson November 8, 2001 04:34

I agree that this thread would be better suited on the Fluent forum. However, the question was asked and answered here and I have no problem with that.

The Fluent forum is here as a service to Fluent users, not as a service to Fluent Inc. I think that many of the users visiting the Fluent forum appreciates the service and also the fact that they have an independent place to exchange ideas - don't forget that the vendor-forums here also gives users a place to share common problems, something which can be a bit sensitive on forums hosted by the vendor.

What war are you talking about btw? I think that we have a quite nice atmosphere here now, much better than in many other similar discussion forums.

newbie November 12, 2001 23:03

Fluent is very restrictive in the access to their site, only registered users can log in the forums, so this forum is an excellent source of informantion to all those who are not registered in the company. By the way the last version of fluent is 5.4.8, next ( according to fluent) is 6.0.


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