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Delly November 13, 2001 16:33

Fluid Structure Interaction
That looks nice:

Any body seen or experienced FSI in the forum?


Raza Mirza November 22, 2001 23:02

Re: Fluid Structure Interaction
There have been some discussions on FSI on this forum.

I worked on an inkjet problem that included FSI along with free surface flow with surface tension effects.

My ex-colleagues at CFDRC ( CFD-ACE+ to do several interesting FSI problems. Two that I remember were:

1. Inkjet Simulation: This simulation also included electrostatics besides FSI, fress-surface flow, and surface tension.

2. Heart Valve Simulation: Included FSI

Dimitri Nicolopoulos November 26, 2001 13:01

Re: Fluid Structure Interaction
Our clients perform fluid-structure simulations with RADIOSS-CFD. Applications range from helicopter and plane ditching, boat slamming into waves, aer-acoustics (where structures are excited by turbulent flow), inkjet printers...

Some examples are availabe on our website under the M-Explicit / Applications section.

Dimitri Nicolopoulos

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