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Dileep November 15, 2001 02:57

Post processor for LINUX
Has any one used a good 'freely available' post processing software for CFD applications (2D/3D),compatible with LINUX OS ?? 3D version for WINDOWS also needed. Kindly help.

Jeff November 15, 2001 09:31

Re: Post processor for LINUX
Try the gmv software

Jonas Larsson November 15, 2001 09:39

Re: Post processor for LINUX
There are several links to free post-processors in the Resources/Software/Visualization section. Open DX is a very capable package, although a bit tough to get started with.

Paul November 15, 2001 23:23

Re: Post processor for LINUX
It seems that OpenDX doesn't support UNIX, isn't it?

Jonas Larsson November 16, 2001 03:34

Re: Post processor for LINUX
Yes, it most certainly does, it even comes with source code. They distribute precompiled binaries for most Unixes (Linux, Irix, Solarix, AIX) and also for Windows.

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