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Roued November 15, 2001 03:06

AutoCad/Iges files/Solidworks

Does any one have experiance with the generation of iges files from AutoCad that are to be used for geoemtrical input to CFD software.

What are the quality of the iges file from AutoCad ?

Have anyone experiance with the Solidworks or the combinations of Solidswork and Pro*am ?

Thanks very much in advance.



Jeff November 15, 2001 12:42

Re: AutoCad/Iges files/Solidworks

As you probably know, IGES and Step translations are problematic at best for any kind of complex geometry. It's best to work with the native CAD geometry whenever possible.

CFdesign reads SolidWorks assemblies in their native Parasolids (.x_t) or Acis (.sat) formats. These formats cover about a dozen other major CAD packages. CFdesign also integrates directly with Pro/Engineer and IDEAS.

You can find out more at


laure November 21, 2001 06:48

Re: AutoCad/Iges files/Solidworks
We had the same problem with Autocad. A simple way of solving it, is to export your file in .sat format, use whichever commercial package (gambit,...) to read it.Then export it in iges.


Fernando Sanz November 28, 2001 09:43

Re: AutoCad/Iges files/Solidworks
I have AutoCAD 2000, and it doesn't work with IGES. If you want to use Autodesk's, you might like Mechanical Desktop, which does use IGES files (import/export)

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