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Maltsev Alexander December 22, 1998 22:19

IPSA algorithm
Did anybody apply the IPSA algorithm, maintained by Spalding, to prediction of two-phase flows (solid-gas) in some powder technology apparatuses, e.g. mixers, cyclons, classifiers and other pneumatic units?

marwan darwish February 6, 1999 12:33

Re: IPSA algorithm
I have not applied the IPSA algorithm, but I am working on implementing it along side another multiphase algorithm developed also by the spalding groug. it seems the old IPSA uses the summasion of volume fraction =1 to develop a pressure equation that corrects the volume fractions, velocities, and pressure, while the newer version uses the summation of continuity equations=0 to derive a pressure equation that corrects only the velocity and pressure equations. I would be interested to get more information on the different versions of the IPSA algorithm if you have, because it seem few people are working in this area of CFD, and if you are interested I can send you a preliminary report I am preparing about mutiphase algorithms

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