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Sean O'Halloran November 19, 2001 12:01

3 phase mixture
Can somebody recommend a package that can deal with 3 phases and a free surface.

Junseok Kim November 21, 2001 02:02

Re: 3 phase mixture
my main research area is three component fluid simulation. You can look at my antibubble simulation site and also main page, too. There are a couple of ternary phase separations.

Helge November 21, 2001 04:34

Re: 3 phase mixture
1) nice pictures 2) I have a question to that: where do you see such flows in nature or industry ?

Junseok Kim November 21, 2001 04:52

Re: 3 phase mixture
For antibubble, you can get more details at antibubble website,

And for the jet pinch off, it can be found in many industrial applications including ink-jet printers, internal combustion engines, chemical reators, oil-water separators and fuel atomizers.

For the cocontinous phase simulation, development of lithium-ion batteries.

Some are academic experiments, some are just for fun. Nowadays, I am reorganizing my website for showing people who may hire me as a postdoc my research works.

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