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Matthias November 19, 2001 12:46

Green's function
Dear all,

I am loking for a good introductory book about Green's functions, its derivation and use.

Thanks in advance


Fred Souliez November 20, 2001 13:10

Re: Green's function
There is a book which I used alot for aeroacoustic applications: its title is "Green's functions", by G.F. Roach, Cambridge University Press (mine is 2nd ed.).

Matthias November 20, 2001 15:19

Re: Green's function
Thank you very much!


George Bergantz November 24, 2001 00:46

Re: Green's function
Roache book is good, and I had that as a text in a class on Green's Functions in grad school, but I found a more intuitive presentation in the chapter on Green's Functions in the book "Heat Conduction" by Necati Ozisik.

I found this useful beacuse the diffusion equation is so intuitive that the purpose of the Green's Function was manifeslty clear because like most readers of this forum, I already understood the mathematical details of the linear diffusion operator.

But having said that, I found the actual utility of the Green's Function to be less that one might think. First one has to find the appropriate Green's Function, and then use it. Although the Greesn's Function contains the "essence" of the operator, I found it often easier to simply code up the equations and let 'er rip...

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