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Juliana November 21, 2001 17:31

Non-Isothermal Flows
Hi, Could anyone suggest some reference about free surface non-isothermal flows?

Thanks very much,


Patrick Godon November 27, 2001 11:32

Re: Non-Isothermal Flows
Hi Juliana,

I see nobody answered your posting, so I can try to help, mainly with the non-isothermal part of the question and the physical aspect of all that. I am not quite sure what kind of free surface flow you are dealing with, though I did some work on flows like atmospheres/oceans types, where the free surface of the flow is subject to 'gravity' waves.

Back to non-isothermal, are you interested in other approximation like polytropic, barotropic, or ideal gas equations with energy equations, etc..??

Cheers, Patrick

Juliana November 29, 2001 06:02

Re: Non-Isothermal Flows
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for you answer, but I work with incompressible non-isothermal free-surface. Do you know some reference about this problem ?



Patrick Godon November 29, 2001 10:45

Re: Non-Isothermal Flows

I have been working in the 'long'wave' approximation using the shallow water equations to model free surface non-isothermal incompressible flow. On a large scale, the ocean and the atmosphere can be modeled as free surface incompressible and they are non-isothermal. In this regime the three dimensional incompressible flow (of the atmosphere for example) can be modeled with a compressible two-dimesional model, since the pressure adds an extra degree of freedom. This extra degree of freedom can be used to model the heigth of the flow for example.

So I am not sure under which conditions you are working, but most probably on a smaller scale, like modeling boats on the water, etc..?

If the shallow water approximation is not for you, then you can try make a seach on the web, on yahoo or whatsover, or maybe someone here has more to say.

Anyhow, check also this web site on free-surface flow:

Cheers, Patrick

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