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Mukhopadhyay November 24, 2001 00:25

Inlet k and epsilon
If a free stream is falling on a free surface, how should one address the values of k and epsilon at the entry location? Any reference please ?

guest November 25, 2001 22:37

Re: Inlet k and epsilon
Use wall laws for a fully developped surface-layer ?

Suppe January 11, 2002 17:31

B.C's for k and omega
Hi all. I'm currently working on implementing the Wilcox's k-w model in my flow solver (PNS based). I'm having a lot of problem with the wall boundary condition - I am working on supersoinc turbulent flow past a flat plate. I have used k=0 at the wall, but my problem seems to be with the omega b.c for the wall. Could anyone suggest some good references/ideas please? Thanks!

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