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Doru Caraeni November 26, 2001 04:39

Suitability of upwind schemes for wall bound. flow
Dear colleagues,

Here is the title and the complete reference:

M. Pandolfi and D. D'Ambrosio, "Numerical Prediction of Shear Flows by Upwind Methods", First-ICCFD Kyoto 2000 proceedings, pp. 139-144, published by Springer, ed. N. Satofuka. <<

of a paper which investigated the suitability of state of the art upwind schemes for shear flow simulations.

Basically: " we find that not all the upwind methods give the correct estimate of the convective fluxes and, depending on the upwind method, the thickness of the BL can result anomalous thicker because of the additional numerical dissipation or the pressure distribution inside BL can show questionable oscillations".

The conclusion (see professor Pandolfi and co.) is that it seems that in between all state of the art upwind schemes only the FDS scheme of Roe provides reliable results for wall bounded flows! Interesting, isn't it?

Dear colleagues, do you have any comments on this? It is a very important issue we face here! :)

Sincerely, Doru

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