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Zi-Wei Chiou November 26, 2001 06:38

Fluid-Structure Interaction for VOF
Respected sirs:

I have implement a computer code to trace the free surface based on VOF on rectangular Eulerier grid.

Problem: I want to add the ability to simulate solid rigid objects being thrown into the fluid. The free surface many have large deformation. This simulation is for computer graphics so that I do not need very good accurancy but expect efficient algorithms.

Please suggest some references. Thanks.

Helge November 26, 2001 12:40

Re: Fluid-Structure Interaction for VOF
we had this discussion before in the forum. Please search for VOF and MAC

P.Fonteijn November 26, 2001 17:06

Re: Fluid-Structure Interaction for VOF
Check the group of Professor Veldman at the University of Groningen:

They have thrown several objects in fluids.

Good Luck, Pascale

Zi-Wei Chiou November 27, 2001 01:01

Re: Fluid-Structure Interaction for VOF
Thanks. I've already performed a search before posting this question, but the returned articles are on immersed boundary method or moving mesh.

My problem is on Eulerian mesh (fixed) and the boundary is rigid (not elastic) and may move very fast w.r.t. fluids.

christian November 27, 2001 10:26

Re: Fluid-Structure Interaction for VOF
Try using sph methods/gridless methods. I have some papers if you are interested.

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