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Felipe Figueroa November 27, 2001 10:14

Blade Generation software.
I work in the generation of blades (and the rotor of centrifugal pumps) with a rapid prototype machine that use stl archives. The idea is digitalice the important points with an arm. Them, with a cad software, generate the points for export to a program that generate the blade geometry (as a solid o surface). Finally export the geometry in stl format. I donīt now what program help me. I need an alternative to bladegen. Thanks.

Bob January 14, 2002 06:47

Re: Blade Generation software.
I encounter the same problem with you. I am now trying to find a software to generate a blade geometry of Hydro turbine, which can be export to GAMBIT to generate meshes. Is there anyone who would tell me the best way to generate blades geometry which can be exported to GAMBIT? Thank you

Eric January 14, 2002 16:46

Re: Blade Generation software.
You may want to consider CCAD or AXCAD from our company. We use these products to generate geometry. We use Fluent ourselves for CFD analysis. Our alliance with Fluent is new so right now we use IGES to go from our software to GAMBIT but the link is improving. Website Alternative contact: (Dave Paris product manager for CCAD and AXCAD).

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