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Geoffrey December 13, 2001 10:07

Stirling engine simulation advice needed

I am simulating a Stirling Engine on the basis of simple one-dimensional compressible internal flow. I am using the following conditions:

it's one-dimensional flow, so no boundary layers. I am using classical heat transfer and friction equations only 5 elements using runge-kutta to step forward in time. the elements are linked via equilibrium equations at each interface. Inside each element I am using conservation of mass, internal, thermal and kinetic energy

I think this is an implicit method

AND, this has been derived from a simple program developed about 20 years ago. I do not have a CFD book and really need to know what would be a good book to fill me in. Or, even better, contact with someone working in a similar field.

OK, thanks and hope to hear something if anyone is not too busy with other stuff.

Christian Holm December 17, 2001 05:02

Re: Stirling engine simulation advice needed

I am not quite clear on your problem, but here goes: If you only want to calculate the heater/cooler/regenerator size or the output power, I don't think you need to go into CFD. The problem you describe can be solved with knowledge of thermodynamics and basic friction equations and of cause some math.

I guess that you already know the book: "Stirling Engine Analysis" by Urieli and Berchowitz. It is a classic. It takes you from the basic to an acceptable analysis of the Stirling engine. A new book that might be a classic some day is "The Regenerator and the Stirling Engine" by Organ.

If you want to do more detailed calculations, the thermodynamic issue in the engine offers plenty of challenge. If you want to do CFD calculations and need some good books: Basic Fluid dynamic book: "Introduction to fluid mechanics" by Fox and McDonald. CFD book: "Computational Methods for Fluid Mechanics" by Ferziger et al.

You can find a lot of suggestions on

What are the issues you want to study. Is it to reveal the flow in the heat exchanger components or the cylinders or to evaluate the parasitic losses ?

Hope this helps.


P.Fonteijn December 18, 2001 03:26

Re: Stirling engine simulation advice needed
These guys might help you:

Cheers, Pascale

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