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newbie December 13, 2001 22:58

DNS software?
As I've read Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) solves the N-S equations without any approximation.

I'm a real newbie and would like to know if there exists software available, comercial or not to solve flows in closed domains, laminar and turbulent.

Thanks in advance for any comment.


David December 20, 2001 00:51

Re: DNS software?
My friend got a DNS code developed, has been publishing papers for more than 10 yrs. But I don't think anyone will give you a robust DNS code for free :) Can you be more specific about what kind of application you wanna use the DNS code?


newbie December 20, 2001 12:21

Re: DNS software?
I would like to model laminar flowing fluids containing small ammounts of particles. My interest is in counting them as exactly as possible when they impact a surface.

So far the code I have give me strange results and would like to try DNS.

My interest is purely academic, not commercial.

thnx for your answer.


Thomas P. Abraham December 20, 2001 14:18

Re: DNS software?
Hello Newbie, If you are looking at laminar case, DNS approach or solving the normal Navier-Stokes Equations is the same.

The term, "DNS" is used when the turbulent effects are captured without resorting to any modeling of the turbulent effects.

Thanks, Thomas

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