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Laurans Guilhem December 17, 2001 12:04

training period
Good afternoon

I am a french student in CFD engineering. I am looking for a training period of three months during this summer, in the United Kindom or yhe USA.

Could anybody help me?

Thank you very much

Guilhem Laurans

Hovsa December 17, 2001 14:32

Re: training period
Are you looking for 2 x three months ?

LAURANS Guilhem December 18, 2001 05:47

Re: training period
Good morning

I am looking for a training period, as an engineer in CFD. This period must last 3 months.

thank you very much


Pete December 18, 2001 10:34

Re: training period
Three months is not a lot of time to be trained on much of anything. By the time you're at the point where you would be productive it would be time to go, and the company would not get much return out of training you.

I think you'll find a 6 month commitment is the norm for an internship.

andy December 18, 2001 12:16

Re: training period
Speaking from experience I would disagree. If you pick the project carefully to match the knowledge and interests of the undergraduate both parties can benefit significantly. Obviously, trying to offload 2-3 months scheduled work onto an undergraduate looking to find out what work and other countries are all about is not going to do either party much good.

FYW December 18, 2001 20:57

Re: training period
The von Karman Institute in Rhode St Genese, Belgium, has a short tranining program that could taylor to your need (if you are not insisting on going to either UK or USA). If the only reason for considering either UK or USA is English, then you may be interested to know that the von Karman Institute's official working language is in fact English. If this is of interest, go to for more information.

christian December 21, 2001 08:26

Re: training period
please email me, we may have a position for you next summer (2002) in the Ford core fuels group here in the UK.

Happy XMAS

Guilhem Laurans December 26, 2001 13:53

Re: training period
Good evening sir,

thank you very much for answering me. I am very interested in your proposition.

I can send you a letter and a CV if you want.

thank you again and happy new year !


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