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James Fluroe December 20, 2001 08:49

LES algorithm

I am going working on LES and I am interested to know if anyone could point me to an LES algorithm I could use as a starting point. Nothing too difficult, simply the algorithm and perhaps the discretization etc...basically, as much info as possible. Also, the SGS model algorithm etc..Any sources of info. online or in papers is welcome.

Regards and thanks to all.


Francisco December 21, 2001 08:51

Re: LES algorithm
Dear James,

Since LES is three-dimensional and time-dependent, the best algorithms in terms of simplicity and efficiency I know are the fractional step methods, for which there is a nice note by Armfield and Street in the Journal of Computational Physics, 1999, v.153, pp.660-665.



Jongdae Kim December 27, 2001 18:51

Re: LES algorithm
For LES algorithm

Fluid Flow Phenomena, A Numerical Toolkit

edited by Paolo Orlandi

(There are source codes + examples)

For Turbulent flows

Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows

by P.A. Durbin , B.A. Petterson Reif

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