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Chan Keen Ian December 28, 2001 18:22

CFD Visualization

I've been using Matlab to obtain contour plots of compressible flows in turbomachinery.

Wish to label the contour lines using mouse selection. Would there be any way to activate a contour plot for interactive labelling through the command window?

Thanks very much.

Paul December 29, 2001 03:49

Re: CFD Visualization
use `manual' to label the contours, i.e. ... [c,h]=contour(x,y,your_matrix); clabel(c,h,'manual'); ...

When execuating this script, your are required to right-click the mouse to label the contours you interested. Click anywhere outside the axes area if you don't want to label.

P.S. Could you tell me how to draw contours in a non-rectangular region? A small demo .m file and related data file are prefered.

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