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Farshid January 2, 2002 23:43

Slip B.C.'s in Micro-channels
I have noticed that for the simulation of fluid flow in micro channels, slip B.C.'s on walls is used and preferred. Does anybody know the reason? I am wondering if you could introduce me to some papers about this matter too.

Thank you.


Wassermayr January 7, 2002 04:29

Re: Slip B.C.'s in Micro-channels
The effect of slip velocity becomes significant, when the mean free path of gas molecules is of comparable magnitude as the channel size. In this case, the velocity of the gas flow at the wall cannot be set to zero generally. Literature: 'Porous Media; Fluid Transport and Pore Structure', F.A.L. Dullien, ISBN 0-12-223650-5

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