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zhanglei January 11, 2002 05:05

Solid Boundary Condition
I am working on a computation in which solid boundary condition should be used. Because several layers of ghost points will be added artificially on the boundary, I wonder how to determine their values according to the known values of the flow field. p.s. My problem is about compressible inviscid flow.

Any comment is welcome!

Yours Sincerely Zhang Lei

John January 11, 2002 07:31

Re: Solid Boundary Condition
I don't know what method you used. In general, you have discretised equation look like:

A_cell * PH_cell = sum (A_neighbour * PH_neighbour) + source

For solid cells: just set A_cell=1.e+25 (a big number) and source=0.

so that the solver will give PH_cell=0.

You have to treat the boundary between these ghost cell and real fluid cell as proper wall.

Paul January 11, 2002 08:27

Re: Solid Boundary Condition
Hi, Seems that you are dealing with compressible Euler system or something similar. If that's the case, solid boundary should be reflective boundary. Hence, you just inverse the velocity perpendicular to the boundary and keep all the other values.

sprasaath January 11, 2002 14:03

Re: Solid Boundary Condition
respectful li,

hello i am prasaath from india. i am a mechanical engineering student. do u have anything to say to me as i know very little about CFD . mail me back.

yours sincerely


Johnix January 12, 2002 18:27

Re: Solid Boundary Condition
Ask Jamson ...

Hu ...

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