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Todd January 12, 2002 11:23

Bernoulli equation ?
Where can I find a look up chart or program to make these calculations?/? That is without paying an arm and a leg. Shareware maybe? Thanks Todd

FYW January 12, 2002 19:31

Re: Bernoulli equation ?
You can easily program it yourself or do it on a spreadsheet. What is your application?

Todd January 13, 2002 05:43

Re: Bernoulli equation ?
I'm trying to calculate the size orifice required for a flow bench for testing cylinder heads. I built a velocity probe and a 72" manometer. I'm also making a inclinometer for the presure drop across the orifice. that is if I can calculate what size I need for 50 to 280cfm. The test pressure has got to stay above 10" h2o. Thanks. Todd

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