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Mario Baburic January 14, 2002 13:16

Hi everybody!

Im doing my PhD study and at this time radiation processes are of my interest. In particular I am interested in obtaining wavelength dependent absorption coefficients, which are important for my calculations. I heard that there is a free program named RADCAL.

So, I please anybody who knows how to get that program to answer me, or, if possible, to send me a copy of that program (if free!).

Thanks all of You!

Gy. Tegze January 16, 2002 09:45


It is unfortunately not free. you can check here:

Anyway, I'm also iterested in radiative heat transfer calculations. Can you write some detail about your work?

Gy. Tegze

Mario Baburic January 16, 2002 10:09


I already visited the site You mentioned, but this is just the description of the program. I am interested in obtaining the source code itself. Im trying some diffusion approximation when modeling the radiation part in simulation of the processes in the oil burner. Spectraly dependent radiative properties would then be very valuable for me.

However, Thank You for your response.


ken January 28, 2002 01:44

Why don't you contact Dr. W.L. Grosshandler of Building and Fire Research Lab at NIST. He is the author of RADCAL.

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