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Newbie January 17, 2002 13:12

Particle track code
Hi all, I'm interested in tracking particles in a laminar liquid flowing thru a sphere. I've tried a commercial code to deal with this problem but it gave me no realistic results.

I would like to ask if somebody has or can point me to a 'good code' for this kind of problems.



Kike January 18, 2002 05:27

Re: Particle track code
Dear Newbie

I think you should mention the commertial code you used and which gave you "non realistic results".

I such a way all of us will can:

(a) avoid to use that code for that kind of simulations (b) recommend you a new (good) code or something else like some paper



Newbie January 19, 2002 15:58

Re: Particle track code
I wouldn't want to post the name of the code as maybe ( just maybe ) the code is no good for my case but good for another.

If someone can advice or has a good code I would really appreciate it.



Newbie January 19, 2002 16:10

Re: Particle track code
If someone has a good reason to know the name of the code I would ask to send me an e-mail, so the communication would stay private.



Dileep January 22, 2002 01:14

Re: Particle track code
Dear Newbie, This is an open forum of like minded people(mostly), and there is nothing wrong in sharing your experience with any commercial code, whatever it is. That will help others saving a lot of time and effort in rejecting the bad solution straight away. At one stage or other we are all facing difficulties with commercial codes. If at all some one disagees with your experience, that user can point out it and suggest the correct way of doing it.So I advice you to take the matter in that spirit and cooperate for the fruitfulness of this forum. With regards. Dileep

John January 22, 2002 09:00

Re: Particle track code
Check out the Fluent_Forum, there is a post by Newbie there, so the conclusion is yours.

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