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Cyrus January 18, 2002 13:14

Supersonic Transition
Hi! I'm working on predicting transition in supersonic flow. I've found plenty of references for correlations to predict Hypersonic flow, but none to predict supersonic flow transition. Does anyone know of any work done on Supersonic transition prediction? Thanks in advance.

FYW January 18, 2002 22:10

Re: Supersonic Transition
In the 90s when the HSCT program was still active, there was a lot of interest in looking at transition in Mach numbers such as 2-3. There was an AIAA J article that came to mind where four different experimental techniques were used to determine transition on a flat plate. There is also work done on trnasition on swept wings... The best place to search references I guess, would be something like the NASA site:

try typing "supersonic transition" in the title field and see...

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