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Amitava Majumdar January 5, 1999 13:00

Parallel Computing Classes at San Diego Supercomputer Center Jan. 20-22
The National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI) will offer Parallel Computing classes at the San Diego Supercomputer Center in January 20-22, 1999. Detail information and web based registration forms are available at

These classes provide an overview of parallel computing, architecture of NPACI parallel machines, MPI function calls and development of parallel application codes using MPI, single PE optimization techniques on RISC machines, parallel mathematical libraries such as ScaLAPACK and PETSc, parallel debugging and performance monitoring tools. These classes will teach how to develop grid based and Monte Carlo parallel applications using MPI function calls. Attendees are provided accounts on NPACI parallel machines and hands on labs are conducted each day where attendees compile, run and parallelize example codes, and measure performance of codes after implementing single PE optimization techniques. After attending this three day class, attendees are expected to be able to develop parallel applications in their field of science.

Registration in these classes are limited. We encourage you to visit the web page and register for these classes if you are interested.

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