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Gerard Moroney January 5, 1999 15:02

strum liouville solution

I am TRYING to solve a sturm liouville problem to obtain a dispersion relationship for stratifed fluids with background shear flow. Can anyone recommend a commerically available software or book on the topic dealing with the general solution and principles invloved in obtaining the eigenvalues of the SL problem ?

jay January 6, 1999 15:26

Re: strum liouville solution
You could try Mathematica as regards software.

For books: There are any number of them.

1. O'Neil: Advanced Engrg Math

2. Bender and Orszag: Advanced Math Methods for Scientists and Engrs

For numerical treatment:

3. Conte and De Boor: Elementary Numerical Analy (General Eigenvalue problems only, no special mention of Sturm Liouville)

4. W.F Ames: (I don't know if this one treats eigenvalue.)

5. Ralston and Rabinowitz (perhaps?)

6. Hildebrand (perhaps?)

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