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caowei January 25, 2002 23:07

Has anyone ever used flo++(South Africa) to carry out a numerical simulation of a hydrocyclone? If yes, could give me some help?

Francisco January 28, 2002 14:13

Re: softflo
Iīve been working on the simulation of a hydrocyclone for about 3 years. After many frustrated attempts to use a number of commercial codes, I decided to write my own code. Honestly I have been facing many difficulties, such as convergence problems, oscillatory behavior and high CPU time (my model is now full 3D). Anyway, I donīt regret my decision, since I have learned quite a bit from the results I obtained. Besides, I wonder if it would have been easier to do my job with any commercial code. In my experience, all the codes displayed some drawback (CFX 4.3, Flo++ and CAFFAC) or just couldnīt be used at all. It is important to highlight here that I am working with LES and some special requiremente must be met. Also, for turbulent, rotating flows few turbulence models provide realistic behavior. But let me know about your needs (turbulence model, 2D or 3D simulation, air core or no air core) and perhaps I could help you.

Best regards,


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