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Rob Kunz January 26, 2002 15:54

We are doing underhood thermal management calculations using an in-house unstructured CFD code without on-board radiation modeling. We wish to couple the flow model to a surface-to-surface radiation analysis, but feel that the CFD resolution (5 million volume elements, over one million surface triangles) is too fine for a ray tracing based radiation analysis. So we need some sort of surface grid agglomeration in additino to the radiation software. Any recommendations?

Raza Mirza January 29, 2002 23:36

Re: Radiation
Have you looked at Radthemrm? I think it may do what you are looking for (if i understood your question right).

leon January 30, 2002 05:45

Re: Radiation
Raza, what is 'Radthemrm'?

Raza Mirza February 2, 2002 00:48

Re: Radiation
Radtherm is a commercially available radiation code. Unfortunately i do not know the company's name that makes this code. it is used in automotive industry. it does a good job with surface-to-surface radiation. There are several convenience features built into it.

Rami February 10, 2002 05:57

Re: Radiation
Hi Rob,

I did such a coupling for a structured BFC grid in a commercial code (PHOENICS). It consists of first identifying the matching between the CFD cell faces with each radiation surface element. Then, during the calculation process, conservative interpolations should be used to pass the averaged temperature to the radiation calculation (emissive source), and pass the radiative flux back to the CFD solution as an energy source.

In principle, the same should be done for unstructured grid, but it should be more complicated to program. Also, if you wish to allow for other than one-to-many cell correspondence, greater care should be excercized in interpolation so as to preserve energy.

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