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George January 29, 2002 10:44

Ansys/Flotran 3D Wing Analysis
Right now I am working on a small-scale airplane, and I am trying to analyze the airflow around it by using ANSYS/Flotran. I have had some experience with Flotran on 2-D models, but the airplane wing is a 3-D design. There is nothing to find in the Ansys Tutorials or the Verification Manual. I want to calculate Lift, Drag, and Pressure coefficient on the wing. I would like to guide me through the process of creating the air's volume around the wing and how to mesh it. Do I have to apply an element for the wing also? Or do I have to subtract the wing's geometry from the volume of the air around it and then mesh the volume that arises? I have already calculated the dimensions of the air-volume, and the exact position of the wing in it. If you could, please make a simple example of a 3D wing analysis, basically including the air-volume generation progress and the meshing progress. Lets suppose that we need a plane's speed of 12 meters/sec relatively near to the ground and the wings span is 1500 mm. Use of any airfoil, for the example.

If you have any questions (or answers) in this or a relative subject you can e-mail me at the following address:

Thank you in advance.

George (Mechanical Engineering Graduate of Technological Educational Institute of Crete Greece)

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