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Frank Christensen February 1, 2002 09:35

CFD on steam condensation

I was told that I will start a project with CFD applications in steam condensation in ducts. Of course, I will begin with simple cases, such laminar, rectangular channel, etc. Afterwards, I will move into more complicated cases, such as channels with ribs, corrugated channels, turbulent flows, etc.

However, I have no idea about the start of this work. I could not find any related literature in such field. Could any expert in this area recommend some literature for me?

Best regars

Michael Malin February 1, 2002 12:11

Re: CFD on steam condensation
These references concern CFD modelling of industrial and marine steam condensers:

Jureidini RH, Malin MR, Lord MJ & Yau KK. A three-dimensional model for power condenser design. Presented at the 4th International PHOENICS User Conference, Miami, Florida April 1991. 1991.

Malin MR Modelling flow in an experimental marine condenser International Communications in Heat & Mass Transfer, Vol. 24 no. 5, pp597-608, 1997 1997.

Rhodes N & Wilkinson TS The prediction of steam-condenser and turbine-exhaust performance HTD Vol. 104, pp 225-230. Published by ASME.

Al Sanea SA, Rhodes N & Wilkinson TS. Mathematical modelling of two-phase condenser flows. Presented at 2nd International Conference on Multi-Phase Flow, London, 1985.

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