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David February 1, 2002 10:27

Quadrilateral mesh
Hi, I am trying to find some references about using quadrilateral nonstructral grids for finite volume method. Could you find help me to find out some good paper or books? Almost all I found is about triangular mesh...

Thank you very much!


frank February 16, 2002 10:59

Re: Quadrilateral mesh
Most people who deal with unstructured quad meshes actually do not "just" deal with quad meshes but treat the cells as arbitrary, polygonial cells. I would not program a new scheme that only can do quads, but should deal with any topology.

We use quad meshes with local refinement. I.e. we have hanging nodes, that gives in fact arbitrary shaped elements.

One of our preprints can be found under:

There we describe our grid concept, adaptation criteria based on wavelets and my part concerning the implicit FV scheme on adaptive grids.

An excellent thesis and papers, dealing with adaptive quad meshes is also:

There you will find further references.

Many people (particular new codes) go for polygonal elements rather than triangular cells (In my personal opinion that is pretty of of date). Micheal Aftosmis at NASA Ames also does adaptive HEX Meshes. So does Marsha Berger.


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