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David Stanbridge February 1, 2002 20:32

Rotating Flows and Ekman BL
We are trying to resolve a highly swirling field with swirl numbers approaching 7. With the RSM model the results do not match well with measured values. An author has commented that an Ekman layer forms as a result of the swirling flow in a tapered body. Eventually this leads to flow separation in the body which was actually seen in practice. As anyone else experienced this? We are now thinking about running a LES model with a grid of around 0.5 mm but am doubtful if this is fine enough. Again has anyone had experience with high swirl numbers and the LES model?

Atif hassan February 2, 2002 03:50

Re: Rotating Flows and Ekman BL
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Asok February 6, 2002 03:00

Re: Rotating Flows and Ekman BL
Do you mean the Taylor no. as the swirl number or it is different.

David Stanbridge February 6, 2002 04:27

Re: Rotating Flows and Ekman BL
I mean the swirl number.

Asok February 7, 2002 00:14

Re: Rotating Flows and Ekman BL
Does the swirl number concerned with eddies/vortices.

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