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Quazi Hussain January 6, 1999 18:36

ICEMCFD resource needed
I have recently started to use ICEMCFD for industrial type (3D Complex) grid generation. Unfortunately, I am finding it rather confusing and difficult. I have the users manual and tutorials from the vendor. Is there any additional publications/resources out there that anybody is aware of?

Joern Beilke January 7, 1999 05:54

Re: ICEMCFD resource needed
Someone from ICEM told me that they have new and much improved tutorials now.

If you only have the old ones than is is really hard to use these programs without a training.

Kevin Dewey January 15, 1999 10:59

Re: ICEMCFD resource needed
Hello Quazi,

I am an ICEMCFD support person located in the Detroit, MI area. Some of the functionality of the ICEMCFD modules may not be inherent for first time users. We do recommend that you take training. However, in the mean time, if you have any questions, it would be easiest to call me at (734) 953-0300. I'm on eastern standard time. You can also access the help menu through the ICEM window. This is used for reference. We rely on this instead of hardcopy reference manuals. It would be best if you gave me a call and I can give you a brief overview of ICEMCFD and you can state your specific problems. Talk to you soon,


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