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Manuel Rodriguez January 7, 1999 14:52

Who is who in fluid pattern formation ?
Hi, I want to know for references and people working about problems in the interface between liquid and a deformable substrate. The pattern formation produced is my principal interest.

Thank you in advance.

Marcelo Almeida January 8, 1999 08:59

Re: Who is who in fluid pattern formation ?
I know of some people working with interactions between deformable drops in low-Reynolds number flows:

Michael Loewenberg at Yale University Francisco Ricardo da Cunha at Yale University Cristini at Yale University Robert Davis at University of Colorado John Hinch at DAMTP - Cambridge Alexander Zinchenko

I hope I helped Marcelo.

Manuel Rodriguez January 18, 1999 22:43

Re: Who is who in fluid pattern formation ?
Hi Marcelo, I appreciate your comment. This is a very interesting phenomena, and in some conditions, such like low Reynolds flow, it is related with phattern formation in fluid dynamics. As a matter of fact I am attracted to pattern formation induced by fluids in different conditions, such like dunes, ripples in beach's sand, and in the interface between a liquid and a lose substrate, like mod or sand.

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