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Clovis R. Maliska Jr. February 5, 2002 18:18

PIV Xeon vs. Athlon MP
Did any body face the problem of deciding between buying a dual processor Intel Pentium IV Xeon or an dual processor AMD Athlon MP? Have somebody already run smoothly and efficiently the CFX family of software using an AMD Athlon MP processor, integrated by the new ASUS A7M266-D motherboard? The point is that the AMD configuration costs 30% of the Intel configuration, and if ok, will probably represent a better cost/benefit solution.

David Amer March 6, 2002 15:49

Re: PIV Xeon vs. Athlon MP
From every review ive read the AMD SMP outperforms the Intel equivelent hands down, if i were you i would definately go for the AMD option

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