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Jim Park February 6, 2002 15:29

Conduction Heat Transfer ?
Sorry to go off-topic, but this is a way for a lot of people to respond quickly. Before you ask, I have searched the archieves; the application I describe below may be there, but I didn't find it.

I need to locate one or more heat conduction solvers, 3-d structured or block-structured grids. Finite difference preferred. Steady state is fine but I can live with a transient application.

They need not be free, but a limited budget is part of the constraints on the problem. For sure, one of the fully commercial codes (such as Abaqus) is way outside my budget. I was thinking particularly of university engineering department web pages where codes are posted for download, "as is."

My problem involves some simplified CFD in embedded flow (cooling) chanels, but the main emphasis is on the heat transfer.

Please respond to my e-mail address.


Jim Park

Pao February 14, 2002 11:53

Re: Conduction Heat Transfer ?
What is your limited budget?

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